Coloring My World Orange Today



It’s Sunday and the Sun is shining! I am enjoying the sunshine and reading Kathy Reich’s upcoming book Two Nights and it’s really good. Up on the TBR List for this week is:

Mary Alice Monroe’s Beach House for Rent

Tess Gerritsen’s I Know A Secret ( A Rizzoli and Isles Book)

Lost Boy by Christina Henry 

Lies She Told by Cate Holahan

To Kill A Hummingbird by J.R.Ripley

John Clarkson’s Bronx Requiem

So what do y’all have planned for the week? Did you do something fun this weekend? Do Tell!!

Have a good Sunday/Monday!

Tattoos on foot: 20 creative ideas and designs - 10 - Pelfind:    xx Patricia

The Well by Marie Sexton

The Well

Book Release Date is May 22, 2017

Book Blurb:

Twenty years after prom queen Cassie Kennedy is brutally murdered, six teenagers break into the house where she was killed to hold a séance. Haven knows his cousin Elise only wants to scare the crap out of him and his friends, but he’s willing to put up with one of her pranks if it means a chance to spend a few hours with the new kid in town, Pierce Hunter.

But when morning comes, Elise has disappeared without a trace.

Twelve years later, Pierce and his twin brother Jordan are professional paranormal investigators, starring in their own ghost-hunting TV show. When Pierce calls Haven, insisting they return to the supposedly haunted building one last time, Haven reluctantly agrees. He’s nervous about seeing Pierce again, but he’s determined to get some answers. Did they really speak to Cassie’s ghost that night? What happened to Elise? And the biggest mystery of all – how did she know the secret of the well?

The Blurb is pretty much accurate. I would probably classify this one as a Ghost Story.

It isn’t a long read at all and we don’t have a lot of information on the characters. I would have liked more depth there. There was some romance of the M/M variety. Which was also a little shallow.

A nice little ghost story, murder mystery, just not enough to  feel like I knew any of these people better after finishing the book.

This book is self published and is available on Amazon!


When Life Shuts a Door…Open it Again. It’s a Door. That’s How They Work!


I started being interested in doors on a trip to Vienna. They had this one house that was so different and odd with a lovely door. The entire thing looked like it was melting in the sun.

I have opened some doors that I wish had been padlocked shut. I have opened doors that led to beautiful places and people.

To stand in front of a door and not know what is on the other side is magical. It could be anything!

All of you lovely young people graduating this week-end, will be opening a lot of new doors. My advice to you is to be picky about which ones you open and which ones you just walk by.  You are an adult now. And about to be on your own, making your own decisions. Obviously you are smart…I mean duh, you graduated, so by now you should know that just because the door is pretty, it doesn’t mean what’s behind it is.

Take your time and choose the right door for you! Maybe the melty Austrian one, or the oh so proper black shiny one, or maybe one you create yourself!

Congratulations to you all as you set off on this new adventure!

xx Patricia   :


Lavender Love and Purple Chickens


I was inspired by Tony Burgess’s Blog yesterday showing off his hydrangea!

They are the most beautiful of flowers. They remind me of my little Gramma in South Carolina. Her house was surrounded by them and they made the best hiding places for all of the cousins to play in.

Have you ever seen the lilac Orpington hens? They are adorable! And no they don’t lay lavender eggs. But they do lay brown eggs and big ones. They are very sociable too.

Since we are a bit shaky on the power situation after yesterday and today’s storms, and waiting for the rest later in the day, I’ll be reading and sipping tea.  Right now I’m reading The Stranger in the Woods by Michael Finkel. Very good book!

I’m also very impatiently waiting for the UPS man who is bringing me a box of books today according to my UPS tracker. I have no idea what is in there and that’s half of the anticipation!

Be Safe and enjoy this Friday….   xx Patricia



Boundaries. Do You Know Where Yours Are?


I love theses underwater shots the kids are taking at the pool. They are still young enough to be excited about underwater cameras.

Our lovely weatherman DP let us know this morning that all of the ingredients are in place for this to be a significant weather even. Which here means tornados/high winds/hail/flooding. Maybe frogs dropping out of the sky. Some Biblical stuff.

Our weather guys have been talking about today for at least a week. And this morning before I had even had my cuppa, I got a phone call that I can only describe as giddy, from OU Boy, storm chaser supreme, that Jim Cantore from the Weather Channel was getting on a plane and headed to OKC. If you don’t know Mr. Cantore, he is the one who has the nose for major weather events. Being from Gulfport, Mississippi, when he showed up, we evacuated. Hopefully things will go better for him than they did the last time he came. But for the storm chasers it’s like their Leader is descending and they all are about to burst waiting for this event.

So Boundaries....I have in the past been really bad about setting boundaries. Then I had not one, not two, but three stalkers. Two of those probably could have been avoided if I had been better about setting boundaries. The other one is in prison. Stalking me was the least he did.

For the benefit of a lot of us let me say that this is not a dating site. I’m not looking for love on the internet. I am exactly where I want to be and surrounded by people who do not make me anxious. So if your behavior does that, well I’m sorry but you are about to be voted off this particular island.

I think I have stated that the best way I could have without dragging out my nifty bag of colorful cuss words.

That is my preaching for today. I suppose I should get the go bags ready for whatever comes our way today.

xx Patricia

What’s In The Beach Bag! Besides Wine…

Fly Me

Daniel Riley (Little, Brown)

What a trip this novel is, the story of a whip-smart Vassar grad named Suzy who, facing a life of respectability, does the responsible thing and ducks out to southern California to be a stewardess like her older sister. It’s the early 1970s, and so things get weird really fast. Is Suzy really going to get wrapped up in a drug smuggling scheme? Yes! Then there’s all those skyjackings that were going on… It’s Riley’s debut novel (full disclosure: I’ve worked with him on other projects) and it’s the perfect balance of grit and gloss.

The fifth entry in his series starring paranormal investigator Jeremy Logan sounds intriguing!

Patricia Lockwood is a delightfully eccentric poet, so it should come as no surprise that she is the product of an equally eccentric family. And her memoir is full of other surprises. For one, she’s the daughter of a gun-toting, feline-hating, Baileys Irish Cream–sipping Catholic priest (let that sink in for a second). In Priestdaddy, we get a rollicking inside view of this unique family dynamic. The image of her dad seated in the living room conducting a family meeting in only his underwear is hard to forget: “He adopted his most lordly and intimidating position, with thighs spread so wide it seemed like there might be a gateway to another dimension between them.

These three have made it to my Vacation Bag for July. Are you looking forward to any new releases in time for summer reading? Let me know!

Yesterday was crazy with all of the new releases in the Cosy Mystery arena. With Blog Release parties last night.

This week was doctor’s week so you’ll have to hop on over to and hear all about those adventures.



What Are Your Thoughts On The New Amazon Buy Button?

I have read several articles on the new Buy button. The reactions have been rather angry from publishers and authors.

If you haven’t heard about this yet, well let me enlighten you.

Up until now, the buy button on book pages automatically directed customers to new copies of titles Amazon stocked from the publishers. Now, re-sellers can win a buy button by meeting various criteria outline by Amazon which includes the price, availability, and delivery time. The program is also only open to books in new condition.

Those objecting to this policy say it is allowing Amazon to deprive publishers of sales and authors of royalties. (Because re-sellers are not buying their copies from publishers, these sales will not be counted as sales, and money derived from them will not go to publishers or authors.)

A number of organizations, including the Authors Guild, are on alert. The guild said the change in policy means that “only Amazon and the re-seller share in the profits [of the sale]. This has the potential to decimate authors’ and publishers’ earnings from many books, especially backlist books.”

Some feel that this is a push by Amazon to promote their own printing program, instead of having tons of book inventory, they would just print as the book is ordered.

No one I spoke to thought this was a great idea and even Amazon has now clarified that the books must be in New condition. With the dust jacket. So pretty much anyone can get a free book and then go sell it on Amazon cutting out any profit to the author or publisher.

It seems as most are taking a wait and see approach. But, what do you think of this?

Let me know!

xx Patricia