Boundaries. Do You Know Where Yours Are?


I love theses underwater shots the kids are taking at the pool. They are still young enough to be excited about underwater cameras.

Our lovely weatherman DP let us know this morning that all of the ingredients are in place for this to be a significant weather even. Which here means tornados/high winds/hail/flooding. Maybe frogs dropping out of the sky. Some Biblical stuff.

Our weather guys have been talking about today for at least a week. And this morning before I had even had my cuppa, I got a phone call that I can only describe as giddy, from OU Boy, storm chaser supreme, that Jim Cantore from the Weather Channel was getting on a plane and headed to OKC. If you don’t know Mr. Cantore, he is the one who has the nose for major weather events. Being from Gulfport, Mississippi, when he showed up, we evacuated. Hopefully things will go better for him than they did the last time he came. But for the storm chasers it’s like their Leader is descending and they all are about to burst waiting for this event.

So Boundaries....I have in the past been really bad about setting boundaries. Then I had not one, not two, but three stalkers. Two of those probably could have been avoided if I had been better about setting boundaries. The other one is in prison. Stalking me was the least he did.

For the benefit of a lot of us let me say that this is not a dating site. I’m not looking for love on the internet. I am exactly where I want to be and surrounded by people who do not make me anxious. So if your behavior does that, well I’m sorry but you are about to be voted off this particular island.

I think I have stated that the best way I could have without dragging out my nifty bag of colorful cuss words.

That is my preaching for today. I suppose I should get the go bags ready for whatever comes our way today.

xx Patricia

What’s In The Beach Bag! Besides Wine…

Fly Me

Daniel Riley (Little, Brown)

What a trip this novel is, the story of a whip-smart Vassar grad named Suzy who, facing a life of respectability, does the responsible thing and ducks out to southern California to be a stewardess like her older sister. It’s the early 1970s, and so things get weird really fast. Is Suzy really going to get wrapped up in a drug smuggling scheme? Yes! Then there’s all those skyjackings that were going on… It’s Riley’s debut novel (full disclosure: I’ve worked with him on other projects) and it’s the perfect balance of grit and gloss.

The fifth entry in his series starring paranormal investigator Jeremy Logan sounds intriguing!

Patricia Lockwood is a delightfully eccentric poet, so it should come as no surprise that she is the product of an equally eccentric family. And her memoir is full of other surprises. For one, she’s the daughter of a gun-toting, feline-hating, Baileys Irish Cream–sipping Catholic priest (let that sink in for a second). In Priestdaddy, we get a rollicking inside view of this unique family dynamic. The image of her dad seated in the living room conducting a family meeting in only his underwear is hard to forget: “He adopted his most lordly and intimidating position, with thighs spread so wide it seemed like there might be a gateway to another dimension between them.

These three have made it to my Vacation Bag for July. Are you looking forward to any new releases in time for summer reading? Let me know!

Yesterday was crazy with all of the new releases in the Cosy Mystery arena. With Blog Release parties last night.

This week was doctor’s week so you’ll have to hop on over to and hear all about those adventures.



Hospitality and Homicide: Book 8 in the Tourist Trap Mysteries by Lynn Cahoon *Release Day*

Hospitality and Homicide (A Tourist Trap Mystery #8)

Welcome back to South Cove! A beautiful little seaside town in California. This is the 8th book in this series. And things are coming along very well.

Jill Gardner, owner of Coffee, Books and More, is getting ready for Nathan Pike to return and do a signing at her shop while he is in town shadowing her hot cop boyfriend, Greg, for a week while working on his newest novel.

There are a lot of changes going on at the shop as workers come and go and Jill is still trying to finish up her business degree, run the shop, interview new employees and now it looks as though there is going to be a murder to solve. As well as answer a question posed by said hot cop.

Someone has killed a local B&B owner in the same manner as a character in Nathan’s new book. Who wanted this man dead? And who knew what Nathan was writing?

In this close knit community there is no shortage of odd citizens. And of course our girl Jill isn’t one to sit quietly on the sidelines whiler her man handles the detective work.

I really enjoyed this one! The characters continue to surprise me and are very well developed.

I have no problem recommending this book to all of you Cozy Mystery fans!

Thank yout to Netgalley and Kensington for this early copy! The book release date is May of 2017.


xx Patricia

The Simplicity of Cider by Amy E. Reichert *Release Day*

The Simplicity of Cider by Amy E. Reichert

From the author of The Coincidence of Coconut Cake and Luck, Love & Lemon Pie, Amy E. Reichert brings us another magical story of family, love, and complex relationships. Set in Wisconsin and full of delicious food and characters.
Sanna Lund loves making cider. Her family has been on this land for generations and while her brother has moved away, she has stayed, tending the heirloom apple trees that are just right for cider making. Sanna has a gift for knowing which apples go together to make the best ciders.When Isaac and his son show up at the orchard, not quite sure how they got there, Sanna’s father hires Isaac and more than the apple trees are blossoming! Love is in the air but is Sanna ready for it?

In between trying to save the farm from being sold, Sanna doesn’t have time for relationships, and isn’t sure she wants one. But will Isaac and Sebastian change her mind?

This was such a charming and magical story. The characters are well developed and the apple desserts had me drooling!

If you haven’t tried one of her luscious stories, you really should.

xx Patricia



The Woodpecker Always Pecks Twice

A Bird Lover’s Mystery.  This is the third book in this series set in North Carolina. The first is Die,Die Birdie and the last one we read was Towhee Get Your Gun.

Amy Simms, owner of Birds and Bees, has no use for her alarm clock now that she has her very own red-bellied woodpecker waking her up at the crack of dawn. The rat-a-tat -tat is waking up the entire neighborhood.

When Amy stumbles from her bed and grabs her binoculars to check out her little friend, nicknamed Drummy, a storm is brewing outside and the rain is beginning to pour down. Just as she is about to put down the binoculars she glances once more across Ruby Lake and sees a light at the old Mckutcheon house. No one has lived there in forever.

Peering hard through the rain she can vaguely make out two people struggling in the upstairs window. And then one of the people toss the other one out of the window.

The police say it is just her imagination, but Amy isn’t convinced of that. And we know she is going to set out to prove she was right. That’s our Amy. When she leads a group of birdwatchers on a hike the next day she makes a detour but finds nothing. The group in itself is an odd bunch. And when another body is discovered, everyone is a suspect.

The little town of Ruby Lake is hiding secrets. Some deadly.  Who would have guessed such a small town could have so much drama simmering underneath the lovely small town charm.

I always enjoy the Bird Mystery series. Amy is becoming more confident and I love the characters, especially the ones in the Senior Center.

I always thought of bird watching as a rather dull activity. Until this series. Now all of a sudden I’m searching Pintrest for woodpeckers and the different types and which are male and which are female. And learning that not all birds like nesting in cozy houses but rather ledges. Who knew?

I’ve read a sneak peek at the next one too.  Yes, it’s good.

Thank you Netgalley and Kensington for the early read!woodpeckercollage

May 16, 2017 Release Date

Books,Books and More Books    Patricia


The Red Hunter: A Novel by [Unger, Lisa]

What is the difference between justice and revenge? In this buzzworthy new standalone thriller by New York Times bestselling author Lisa Unger, two wronged women on very different paths find themselves in the same dark place…

Claudia Bishop’s perfect life fell apart when the aftermath of a brutal assault left her with a crumbling marriage, a newborn daughter, and a constant sense of anxiety about the world around her. Now, looking for a fresh start with a home restoration project and growing blog, Claudia takes on a crumbling old house—one that unbeknownst to her has an ugly history and may hide long-buried secrets.

For Zoey Drake the defining moment of her childhood was the horrific home invasion murder of her parents. Years later, she has embraced the rage that fuels her. Training in the martial arts has made her strong and ready to face the demons from the past—and within.

Strangers to each other, and walking very different paths in the wake of trauma, these two women are on a collision course—because Zoey’s past nightmare and Claudia’s dreams for her future take place in the very same house. As Zoey seeks justice, and Claudia seeks peace, both will confront the monsters at the door that are the most frightening of all.

Lisa Unger is one of my favorite thriller/crime novelists. Her books are always a hit and this one is no different.

This story is told from almost every character’s own unique point of view. The characters are complex and the plot is as well.

Everyone in this story has secrets. The characters were complex and reading the story had so many layers that unfolded right when they should have. There are some brutal scenes in this book, but it is a crime thriller. There are plenty of despicable characters and many more good, redeemable ones.

All of these people who had no idea about each other came together in the end just perfectly. I read this in an afternoon because I couldn’t put it down. There are so many stories going on at the same time I just kept going and then it ended and I wanted more!

Typical for readers of Lisa’s books. If you haven’t read her, then as Harlan Coben says, “Why Not?”  She is truly brilliant!


The Lost Woman by Sara Blaedel

The Lost Woman


Shot with a hunting rifle through her kitchen window, the woman is dead before she hits the ground. Though murdered in England, it turns out that the woman, Sofie Parker, is a Danish citizen–one who’s been missing for almost two decades–so Louise Rick is called on to the case.

Then the police discover that the woman, Sophie, had been reported missing eighteen years ago by none other than Eik, Louise Rick’s police colleague and lover. Impulsive as ever, Eik rushes to England, and ends up in jail on suspicion of Sofie’s murder. Unsettled by the connection, and sick with worry for Eik, it falls to Louise to find the killer in what will become her most controversial case yet…


The latest thriller by Sara Blaedel shows you exactly why she is always Number One in Denmark and around the world.

A crime writer merging with a great storyteller!

Louise Rick is  one of my favorite book detectives.  And even though I can’t pronounce a single name in these books, I really enjoy the writing.

It is very hard to review this without giving anything away to spoil the fun of unraveling the mystery of who the missing woman is/was and where has she been all of these years, and what in the world does it have to do with Eik?

Louise is running all over the place in her new position with the Missing Person unit but this case has her back with her old homocide unit as well. What does the disappearance of this woman have to do with bank accounts in Switzerland?

The subject matter is a touchy one for a lot of people. End of life care. Who has the right to decide to live or die? While there are a few countries and some states that allow for assisted death, it is a very controversial topic. And I’m not even sure how I feel about it. On one hand, it is your life and you are free to end it at anytime. But it is a lot more complicated than just deciding to end your own life because you don’t want to be a burden, or be in pain. The people left behind will suffer no matter which way you go.

This is a really good book and I hope you give it a read!