As Lovely As You

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As lovely as you! It has been an insane week. Some ups and some downs, but all in all, enlightening. Have you ever gotten  to the point where you are praying the phone doesn’t ring with more sad news? That is what this week was like. A lot of calls and me yelling at the universe ‘Are you Kidding me???’ So the anxiety level has been off the charts.

Trying to be very Zen today and reading a book about a nasty serial killer…hmmm, what does that say about me??

xx Patricia


Anxiety. The What If of Life.


Hope, Courage and Strength. All of these are running through my mind this morning!

Yesterday afternoon the surgeon’s office called to let me know that I will be having my scar removal and corneal transplant on the 23rd of February. We went over all of the pre-op and post-op instructions and then I spoke with the anesthesiologist who gave me his instructions. No eating or drinking after midnight. Not a problem for me. No jewelry, no makeup and bring a shirt that buttons up the front. Not sure about that one.

So I was all at once anxious and glad I now had the date. Since I have promised myself I will not do any more research and look at pictures of eyeballs, I’m not sure how I feel now. Resigned I guess but I’m sure Anxiety will rear her ugly head as I get closer to the date.

Anxiety is that little devil on my shoulder that says ‘Hey, you should make sure your surgeon and all the other O.R. people aren’t on drugs or alcohol. What would happen if one of them had the shakes?’ That is what anxiety is. The What Ifs of Life. Anxiety is not logical, but it does have the power to bring you to your knees some days.

Happy Reading   xxPatricia

Blogmas Day 8…and then….

So here we are at Day 8 of Blogmas. Got a really good shot of the carousel in the park and of course Grandpa’s John Deere Santa.

My new Anne Rice release came in yesterday, so I lost track of time this morning, reading in the tub, which is really just a second office, but as I said, I lost track of time in there and ended up having to have a conference call with my attorneys from the bathtub. Not a big deal. If we have ever spoken on the phone, I was either in the pool or the tub. Sorry…  I thought I had pulled the call off pretty well until I turned the hot water on just a tiny bit and I heard a voice say, “Are you in the tub?”  You got me.

As far as the Christmas thing goes, I am just not feeling that. It’s not that I’m a humbug it’s just the hypocrisy of it all. I have yet to hear more than one person talk about why you are celebrating Christmas. And then it hit me….these people aren’t celebrating the birth of their Christ, they’re celebrating Santa Claus. People are acting straight up crazy in the malls and shops, literally knocking people down in a rush to buy more stuff. I personally don’t need any stuff. I’m good.

This may not be a popular thing to say but I don’t really care. I don’t have a list of people to buy for. I have 3. They get Barnes and Noble gift cards. Done. And that is only because they are under the age of 5.

I’m still not even sure why Christmas Day is a Federal holiday. When do the other religions get a day off? And please don’t @ me telling me this is a Christian nation. It is not. Read your history books. I think I am just so sick of hearing how tight things are for people and yet they are out there going into debt so their kids can brag at school? What about the multitudes of people who choose feeding their children and putting a roof over their heads? Are these children “naughty” when Santa doesn’t come to their house?

Seems like a really unfair guy that Santa. Anyhow, that’s my opinion and you are more than welcome to yours. I just can’t help but wonder how many people out there shopping will be in church to celebrate what they say they are celebrating….


On the 5th Day of Blogmas….

I am really having to dig hard for these!  I feel so sorry for all of you who are already up to your eyeballs in snow…So for today’s #Blogmas post, I decided to share some of my favorite pictures of Christmas Past.

Being 4 is hard!  My Rock Star on the left and right. Whenever the Christmas excitement gets to be too much, strip ’em down, put an apron on them and give them a paintbrush and a cup of water and let them “paint” the walls. Seriously, my little painter loved this.

You may think he’s dressed for an outing on the right but you would be wrong. Every day this boy got up and dressed like he was working for a Fortune 500 company. He did not. He was a model though and still likes to pose at the drop of a hat.

xmas-004  Caught in the act, sneaking chocolates! Oh and I painted that sweatshirt. Seriously, I did.

The left picture is at my sister’s house. Once those french doors opened it was like Black Friday!  On the right our quiet Christmas. My step-daughter looks a bit shell shocked while the Rock Star methodically takes inventory to make sure he got everything on his list.

But my favorite holidays always end here….at the beach!

Like Father Like Son!

Happy Blogging!   Much Love   xxPP

Day 4 of The Blogmas Thingy

Decorating!  I’m not sure I get too excited about the decorating for the holidays. It’s a Mom thing. After a bit you know that you not only are going to put up the decorations, you are also going to be the one to pack them up later. So I’m kind of iffy on going overboard.

If you are a mom like Ms. Gracie Lou Freebush, the lovely Shih Tzu on the upper right,  then you understand the saying ” up your ass”. Poor Gracie, Jethro is on her bum constantly!  Gracie is tired and just wants him gone.   And we’ve all been very Naughty!

As a nod to my beachy ways, I have a Beach Santa! So this is as good as it is going to get!

Happy Blogging!    xxPP

L’Amour de Moi


For Day Three of Blogmas  The Mediaeval Baebes    Enjoy!


L’amour de moi, s’y est enclose
Dedans un jolie jardinet
Ou croit la rose et le muguet
Y aussi fail le passerose

Ce jardin est belle et plaisant
Il est garni de toutes fleurs
On y prend son ebattement
Autant la nuit comme le jour

Helas il n’est si dous chose
Que de ce doux rossignolet
Qui chant au soir et au matinet
Quand il est las il se repose

Ce jardin est belle et plaisant
Il est garni de toutes fleurs
On y prend son ebattement
Autant la nuit comme le jour


My love is enclosed
In a lovely garden
Where the roses grow, and the lilies-of-the-valley
And the passerose

The garden is beautiful and pleasant
And garnished with every flower
We go there for our pleasure
In the day, but mostly in the night

Alas, there is nothing more sweet
Than the nightingale
Who sings in the evening and again in the morning
When he is there he brings us repose

The garden is beautiful and pleasant
And garnished with every flower
We go there for our pleasure
In the day, but mostly in the night

Giving Thanks For A Special Girl!

On November 23, 2007, I got a phone call that we all had been waiting 9 months for! It was a girl! The Beautiful Evangeline Lea.



Born to these two cuties Brad and Meridith. And I couldn’t have been any happier!

Born a Cubs Fan! She is her Daddy’s girl! But tempered with the sweetness and kindness of her Momma. She has turned into a lovely person with a beautiful smile and heart. Although we live very far apart, there isn’t a day I don’t think about her, and her pictures hang in every room of our home.

She is a sports lover, just like Daddy and she got to see the Cubbies win!

vangieou  I’m so sorry you had to wear that my darling girl!

She is getting bigger now, Crushing it wherever she goes and whatever she does!

So today, Happy Birthday, Vangie! Keep being you and always know that you are loved to the moon and back!