A House Divided ( Living in Hostile Territory)

What a special Friday this is!  It’s Fall! And College Football is back! Let the smack talking begin!  In our house we have OU Boy. Self explanatory. And on the other side we have a real football team, FSU. The trash talk has already started among the Sooners and the Gators, two teams we have strong feelings for. When was y’alls last National Championship Title?

We have the coolest Mascot ever! Who else rides a horse out and plants a spear on that 50 yard line??

I am so sad to say that my very own brother is a (gasp) Gator! And he’s a lawyer so he is a big disappointment to the family.

Sooner fans are probably the strangest fans I’ve ever met! The first time OU Boy and I watched a Sooner game together and they lost. I came in the bedroom and he is on the bed with his pillow over his face. I’ve heard when he was little he would stick his head in the oven. It was an electric stove!  When my Daddy was alive we loved torturing Sooners. One day my Daddy called and said he had been at the Cracker Barrel and had seen a lot of people with red eyes and then he noticed their car tag….Sooners.


So all of you Sooner fans, tomorrow is your day with Houston. FSU will be playing on Monday, like the big boys….against Ole’ Miss. Sorry all my Mississippi loves, but it’s nothing personal!

Have a great weekend…as for me I’ve got my spreadsheet ready for the year!

Pirate Love xxoo


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