A Pirate’s View of Austria and Hungary

While my eye situation is getting better every day, I’ve been bored out  of my mind! I can only read for so long before my eye ( the half good one) gets tired.

I’ve cleaned everything that would keep still and I can’t even get the Trump supporters to argue with me anymore. For some reason they are just so nice to me.

Yesterday I decided to straighten up some photo albums and found some pictures I hadn’t thought about lately. So…today we go on a little trip. No plundering or pillaging on this one.Image result for hotel intercontinental vienna

Welcome to the Intercontinental Wien. In Vienna, Austria. Lovely place and very well located to walk to everything.Image result for mozart park in vienna  Including Mozart Park.

Austria 001One Weird house in Vienna.Very cool story behind this building.I’m the tallest in this crowd!

Headed in to the Palace. My former Mother in law getting sick of my picture taking.

Trolling the streets of Salzburg. They just don’t build castles like they used to.

We had a very formal dinner here. It was very lovely.

Headed down the Danube with the Singing Girl on the Pesh side of Budapest. They served me straight up Vodka and Salami for breakfast. Yeah!


The final changing of the guard in what is no longer Red Square. Giving the country back. Bye to the Russians.

The Cemetery where The Sound of Music was filmed!

St. Stephen’s on the hill. The hills from The Sound of Music and a church I just loved.

It was a great 3 weeks and I learned so much. I paid a guy $10 for a glass of ice. I asked for Ketchup and was given a can of tomato paste and a spoon. And Tori and I got drunk on Russian Vodka with some soldiers on the train from Hungary to Austria. The most important thing I learned was that the USA is just a baby country compared to these countries. The history alone was mind blowing. The food and I did not get along. I existed on bread and wine. Lots of wine. And I can’t wait to go back!




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