Because I can…

Normally I stick to book related topics but today is just for me.

I have bitten my tongue way too much and it’s beginning to hurt!  So here goes!

  1. Twitter has turned into the new Craigslist. I scroll through my feed and all I see is Buy me! Buy this!  Follow someone and you most likely get an immediate DM telling you where you can buy all of their stuff.  Let me just say that I am a world class shopper. If i want something I know exactly where to get it. If I see something I like I will ask you where to get it.  If you send me a DM and it’s got one of those automated tweet services or crowdfire I will unfollow you so fast.  It’s called Social Media not The Swap Meet.  Yes, I want to hear about your newest work, but I also want to interact with people from all over the world and find out how they live, what their culture is like. I want to talk to people!  Why in the world would I want to buy 10,000 followers? I can’t keep up with that many people!  The market is being flooded with really bad things
  2. Name calling and Respect.   If you can’t make your argument without calling your opponent names, like a child does, than you are probably on pretty shaky ground. I don’t care what side of the political aisle you are on, have some respect for yourself and your candidate.  If you don’t know them personally and know for an absolute fact what their character is then do what your Mothers taught you and keep your mouth shut! Grown adults who are supposedly intelligent calling each other names just makes you look not so bright or informed or adult! If you want to get together and have a little name calling party that’s fine, go ahead but don’t expose the rest of us to it.
  3. Check Your Facts before you Re-Tweet something!  And if you are one of those people who just re-tweets everything, start reading them. Make sure you aren’t re-posting something that is inaccurate or offensive.
  4. Facebook and Twitter Followers.  We’ve had this conversation before. You don’t get a prize for having the most followers. What you get is a feed full of people you don’t know and have nothing in common with who are usually just trying to sell something or gain some type of attention. Set some standards! And if you aren’t interacting with the people you are “friends” with, then why are they on there?  Social Media is supposed to be Social.  Personally, I like to catch up with my friends from school, people I have been friends with or worked with that have just been with me through the good and the bad. People that are willing to have a good debate on topics without going postal. People who can entertain me, educate me, give me a different perspective on life from where they are in the world or what they have experienced in the world.  I don’t enjoy listening to bigots. racists and people who are full of hate for a people or cause based solely on what their friends think and not what they have taken the time to research for themselves. How can you have an opinion on anything if you have never experienced any part of the big world except your own little corner?  An opinion is what you think based on what you know. But if you haven’t researched or lived it, then your knowledge is limited.

A couple of weeks ago one of my fellow bloggers mentioned that we are all quick to “Like” a blog post, but most don’t leave a comment. Since then I have tried to be better at that. To give an opinion and encouraging comments.  None of us are making it out of here alive, so can we just be kind and supportive to one another?  That’s it. Just be Kind. None of us really knows what is happening in the lives of those we touch on line, so take a second and ask. How are you doing today? Anything I can help with?  Even if you disagree, you can still say something kind.

As far as this political nastiness goes, If you are an adult slinging mud and vitriol at your opponent, you pretty much have lost all credibility with me.

This post comes as I have spent the last few days dealing with life and death issues that have brought a lot of things into perspective for me.  Finding out what is important in this life and what I am and am not willing to put up with from people.  And some of the most supportive people have been my fellow bloggers, most without even knowing what was going on, and yet their posts were exactly what I needed at that moment, so thank you guys! And to one special author (who knows who he is) you kept me together when I thought I wasn’t going to be able to.

One special day of Love isn’t enough. Let’s make it a daily habit to really love our neighbor.


11 thoughts on “Because I can…

  1. Well said, Patricia.

    I think a lot of people (including me) initially set up their Twitter account to sell something. But I’ve found my account is far more valuable in making new connections with real people who’ve I’ve come to know quite well. Some I’ve even made strong friendships with.

    Twitter doesn’t really work anyhow for one-way shilling of products. Yes, it helps to create awareness and bring eyeballs to your page and maybe some of your tweets. But the most meaningful and valuable connections are made from two-way dialogue and sharing.

    Thanks for being one of the good ones! 🙂


  2. I definitely agree with you. Though I do use a crowdfire auto dm, I make efforts to do things that are supportive and uplifting. I try to connect with people that are friends and, often I know them from other sources, like WordPress. I just wanted to let you know that I read every post, and though I may not always comment, I’m definitely going to speak when appropriate. I support you all the way, and I apologize if anything from Twitter on my end was annoying or worse. 💕


    1. No, it’s those people who post what I consider offensive posts or who keep sending you private messages asking if you have bought their stuff yet and why not. It’s just a form of bullying. You always touch my heart in some way!

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  3. I don’t like something unless I genuinely like it. Probably, this puts me in the minority. I know I have followers that like something immediately after I post it and I think, “Nah, there’s no way they read the whole thing.”


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