Cart Before The Horse by Bernadette Marie

Honestly I got this book because of the title. I had been immersed in Non-fiction for way too long and just wanted something light. I don’t do romance novels but I loved the cover.
Holly has been putting the cart before the horse her entire life. A prodigy who did everything before most people, graduating from college before most start, having a successful career in the fashion/textile world, she had the perfect car, job, and home. The good girl who never did anything outside the lines.
Until her friend, Tracy, gets her to come out for a birthday night. Eight weeks later and Holly is hanging over the toilet with a Pregnancy test dangling from her fingers. What did she do and more importantly who did she do it with?
Enter Gabe. Exactly the opposite of Holly, but with his own pain to live with. That’s all I’m going to tell you because I want you to be as surprised as I was.
Oh, my Bernadette, you may have pulled me into Romance!

Cart Before the Horse


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